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The Siberian Style

from 7 June to 25 August in THE MUSEUM OF LOCAL HISTORY  |  0+

Through more than 80 objects dating from the XX century to the present are presented at the exhibition: stage costumes of the Siberian Russian Folk Choir, historical items from the Museum funds. Among the exhibits — traditional costumes dated 1974, modern costumes of the current program of the Siberian choir, Russian folk musical instruments and etc.

The exhibition «The Siberian Style» explores the diversity of traditional national art through a variety of forms and images, extraordinary compositional decisions, colorful elements and the uniqueness of the decor.

The modern sketches of stage costumes are created by Viktor Feoktistov, the president of the High Fashion of Siberia Foundation, a member of the Union of Designers of Russia. The new collection is completely different from the previous one. For example, you won’t find huge kokoshnik (Russian traditional headgear) or large artificial flowers. Of course, all these elements are used in stylized Russian costumes, but they are more elegant. The color scheme is traditional for Siberia — there are shades of fresh green, azure, white and others.

About the exhibition.

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