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The Great Reality of Naïve

from 29 August in THE MUSEUM OF LOCAL HISTORY  |  0+

The exhibition of naïve arts «The Great Reality of Naïve» is opened in the Museum of Local History.

Through more than 120 works by naïve artists are presented at the exhibition: landscapes, portraits, still life and compositions.

The exhibition explores works of recognized masters of naiv arts — Sergey Stepanov, Viktor Schneider, Anatoliy Kashigin. A special place is occupied by the works of the famous German artist Franz Josef Grimmeisen. The naïve artists which have no professional education may be united by their talent, the utmost serenity and simplicity of their works and a harmonious consent with the world. The world of their works is joyous, festive, good-natured and open.

The exhibition provides an opportunity to trace the features of the development of «naive» in time. The earliest among the works presented at the exhibition is Still Life by Hierofei Mehed (the beginning of the 20th century). The chronological series of naive painting is completed by artists of the beginning of the 21st century.

About the exhibition.

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