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from 18 May to 18 June in THE MUSEUM OF LOCAL HISTORY  |  0+

Each time the master artist touches the material whether it is wood, metal, clay or cement, he falls into intimate conversation with the substance, revealing hidden images of known and unknown worlds and eras.

No sketches, it is just an artist’s impression — jazz improvisation of bronze plates and a hammer, of a cutter and nut-wood cane, of a wire brush and milling cutter in cement pleats. This is the art to touch and be touched by, to peer thousands of rhythmical cuttings, the art that is able to get under your skin.

This immersive show was specially designed by the creative group inspired by art pieces of Yuri Shakhoyan as a «magnifying glass» producing amazing experience for spectators to interact in a hands-on way with the diverse art of the artist, immerse into the world of his images, feel the material and be engulfed by his «eternity game».

This experiential multisensory event features the sculptures, jewelry and wooden wall artworks by Yuri Shakhoyan through immersive light, eye-catching 3D mapping technology and sound show specially created for this project to convey overall impression about his art and produce thought-provoking insights.

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