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Permanent exhibition in MTC «THE SUZUN FACTORY AND THE MINT»  |  6+

The program of the coach tour to Suzun includes visiting the House-museum of Suzun copper-smelting factory Manager and the «Copper-smelting Factory» exposition, located in the building of the only preserved factory floor, as well as the «Mint» museum that shows a line of operating full-scale coinage machines and mechanisms of the XVIII— XIX cc.

Museum-and-touristic complex «The Suzun factory and the mint» is a new branch of Novosibirsk State Local History Museum. It is located 180 km from Novosibirsk in an old Suzun village, where the Low Suzun Copper Factory and the Mint were built in 1764 and a «special» Siberian coin was fabricated from 1766 to 1781.

All expositions of the museum-and-touristic complex not only demonstrate artifacts and the story of the place but also have special interactive zones where every visitor can get in touch with History and feel like being a worker or an office employee of the XVIII — XIX cc.

The Mint has full-scale operating coinage machinery and mechanisms assembled on the basis of the drawings of the XVIII c. The exposition shows a coinage process from blank cutting to putting an embossed image on the coin. The «Coin treasury» demonstrates a rich numismatic collection from the museum funds. A reconstructed main works water conduct (capital stand) with an operating overpick water wheel is adjacent to the building.

The House-museum of Suzun copper-smelting factory Manager reconstructs the premises of an office and a residential house of a mining engineer and a well-known writer of the XIX c.- А. Cherkasov: his study, the living room and kitchen with some examples of the wooden furniture made in Suzun as well as the drawing room where visitors can try to write a petition on the drafting table using a goose-quill and ink.

The «Copper-smelting Factory» describes the history of the building — one of the factory floors that in XIX — the beginning of the XX cc. was a part of a big industrial complex. The central exhibits are the reconstruction of the foundry furnace, a large-scale make-up of Suzun at the end of the XVIII c. and a functioning model of one of the machine — the «Sor Mill». The museum shows a detailed process of multi-stage ore processing and copper smelting, and displays authentic product samples from the Low Suzun copper factory.

Suzun copper factory — is a monument of the industrial and mining-and-metallurgical period of opening Siberia in the XVIII—XIX cc. It was built up as part of Kolyvan-Voskresensky factories in 1764 to produce copper, silver, lead, zinc, and melt and manufacture iron. In 1766 — 1781 Suzun Mint — the only one to the east of the Urals — made a «special» Siberian coin. Thanks to Suzun Works and the Mint, the first industries emerged in the area of the modern Novosibirsk region, innovative new technologies were used for the first time and it brought in regular construction planning and multi-storey buildings, mining workers and technical specialists.

On the way to Suzun the coach makes a stop at the Holy Spring in Lozhok village.

Departure at 08:00 from the Lenin Square.

Costs: 1500 RUB. (Novosibirsk-Suzun-Novosibirsk coach trip, excursions, museum tickets, lunch).
To book call 227 15 43


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