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Bauhaus imaginista. Collective research

from 10 October to 1 December in THE MUSEUM OF LOCAL HISTORY  |  6+

Bauhaus imaginista is a major international project that marks the school’s centenary, focusing on the school’s international dispersion and reception.

The Bauhaus was international from the start, with students and teachers travelling from Europe and Asia to join the school. It was heterogeneous, and at different times adopted ideas from Arts and Crafts movement, socialism, communism, spiritualism, Soviet Constructivism and the Neues Bauen movement. In 1933 the school was closed by National Socialists and forcibly dispersed, causing many of its members to flee Germany, and as a consequence the Bauhaus emanated to nations and cultures beyond Europe. Bauhaus imaginista retraces this transmission to different parts of the world through research collaboration with scholars from Brazil, China, India, Japan, Morocco, Nigeria, Russia, the United Kingdom and the United States.

This touring exhibition brings together ideas, research and documentation from Bauhaus imaginista. Artist Luca Frei has designed a structure — part sculpture, part exhibition architecture — as a space for visitors to engage with the many layers of the project. It includes curatorial research, texts and images related to the four chapters, and documentation of the Bauhaus imaginista international programme from 2018.

The tickets cost 150 rubles, the cost for pupils, students and pensioners is 100 rubles.

The exhibition is open until December 1, 2019.

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