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The City Trade building

The main building of the museum at 23, Krasny Prospekt str. is essentially the central point of Novosibirsk.

Symmetrical, two-storied and with a high spire on the central tower, it was constructed in 1911 by the architect Alexandr Dmitrievich Kryachkov in the «rationalistic» modern style.

The construction of the building

The building was designed as an administrative and trade centre. The first floor was occupied by shops whose storage areas were located in the basement. The upper floor housed the town hall, treasury, a branch of the State Bank, and an assembly hall that could sit 1,000 people

After the revolution the building continued to be used as a trade and administrative centre. Many citizens remember a store called Orbita and a restaurant with the same name. The building was given to the museum in 1986.

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