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Information about the Museum

The Museum of Local History
23, Krasny Prospekt
The Museum is located in a heritage site of federal importance, the City Trade building.
The semi-basement of the building is occupied by a permanent exhibition called Ancient Siberia which recreates the households and religion of the native peoples of Siberia. The first floor of the building accommodates a number of displays about the history of the Novosibirsk region. The second floor is home to contemporary exhibitions.
The Museum of Nature
11, Vokzalnaya magistral
The Museum of Nature shows more than 1500 objects. Visitors can see the most famous object of the museum — a complete skeleton of a female mammoth.
A special rock with genuine fossils of ancient species together with a reconstructed fragment of the Barsukovskaya Cave, the biggest cave in the region, are on display in the Museum
The Siberian Telecommunications Museum
33, Sovetskaya str.
The museum shows the history and research into the telecommunications development in the Siberian regions. The museum’s displays include more than 5000 items from the start of the 21st century until now: a Morse telegraph, a container for special postages, a uniform of the head of a communications unit, a switchboard for semi-automated long-distance communication, a functioning apparatus— a two-motion step-by-step telephone station, telephones, the first mass television set KVN-49, radio sets, tape recorders, computers, cables, and many other items.
MTC «The Suzun Factory and the mint»
15, Lenina str., Suzun, NR
The tourist museum complex is located in the small village of Suzun, 180 km from Novosibirsk, where in 1764 the Low Suzun copper factory and mint were built and where in 1766−1781 a «special» Siberian coin was minted.
The museum complex consists of the House-museum of Suzun copper-smelting factory Manager ("Manager's House and Office"), and the «Copper Factory» exposition located in the building of the only preserved factory floor. The «Mint» museum shows the operating line of coining machines and mechanisms of the 18th and 19th centuries.
The Olympic Glory Museum
33, Sovetskaya str.
The museum can be found in the main post office building which was built in 1916 on the project of A. D. Kryachkov.
The museum also informs its visitors about the history of sports in the Novosibirsk region. Among the displayed items you can find cups, medals, certificates and sports gear owned by the renowned Siberian champions Alexandr Tikhonov, Stanislav Pozdnyakov, Stanislav Pozdnyakov, Alexandr Karelin, Evgeniy Podgorniy, Victor Markin and many others.
The Museum also demonstrates an extensive collection of the flags of the Soviet sports societies: «Urozhai (Harvest)", «Dinamo», «Zenith», «Trudovie reservy (Labour reserves)", «Burevestnik (Petrel)" etc.
The museum «A city mansion of Novo-Nikolaevsk»
23, Lenina str.
A typical residential building of Novo-Nikolaevsk in the beginning of the XX century. In this house a cab driver Evsey Metlin and his family lived. In 1908 — 1912 famous revolutionary Alexander Petukhov rented a room from the Metlins. We recreated the interiors and household of the mansion to show the everyday life of the most ordinary family here and to tell a few small stories about the youth of our city.
permanent expositions
exhibitions every year
1250 м2
museum storage area
events held every year
year of foundation
4257 м2
exhibition area
7626 м2
total area
>200 000
visitors a year
~260 000
items in the museum displays

General information

Full name State autonomous cultural institution of the Novosibirsk region «Novosibirsk State Museum of Local History & Nature»
Year of foundation 1920
Founder Ministry of Culture of the Novosibirsk Region
Director Shapovalov Andrei Valeryevich
Main operation
  • Presenting and collecting of museum objects and museum;
  • Storage of museum objects and collections
  • Providing public access to the museum objects and collections, carrying out tours, educational outreach activity;
  • Scientific work;
  • Registration and restoration of the museum objects;
  • Expertise, information, research and consulting service;

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